University of Washington MSIM Guest Lecture Opportunity

I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve managed to stay involved with the Masters of Science in Information Management program since graduating with the first cohort.  Mike Crandal, the program Chair, has remained a valuable contact and a helpful reference throughout the years.

Last spring I was invited to present to the graduating daytime program regarding IA as a career and just what can be done with it.  Of course, there are a million possible things to say as there are any number of ways to use the knowledge learned in the program.  I took the opportunity to give a fairly minimalist presentation in which I discussed the IA’s role as part counselor, interpreter, partner, and sleuth.  Fortunately, it was well received and put me in contact with several up and coming IA or UX folks.

This Fall I’ve been invited back but this time instead of meeting them as they get ready to graduate it will be in one of the first classes of the program.  I’ve only got an hour to impart my “wisdom” of just what an IA does (or at least what I do) and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it!