TJSL Web Site Rankings Improved Again

Each year, Georgetown Law puts out their study “Top 10 Law School Home Pages”. While this may not be on par with the US News and World Report law school rankings, we still take it seriously – after all we consider ourselves to be a “high tech” institution.

From the study:

This survey includes all United States law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. The site evaluation process in- cludes a combination of human assessment and automated analysis. To improve data validity, the source code for every site was evalu- ated using computer-based pattern matching to detect things like links to social media, use of HTML tables, and anything with pre- dictable text patterns. Much of this data was evaluated a second time.



The first year I worked here, was listed as 80th of 200 rankings. The second year, we jumped to 35th place.  This year we’ve made it all the way to #13.  Watch out top ten, here we come!

Top 10 Law School Home Pages of 2011