Social Networking & Twitter – Facebook Finally Has Value For Me

I probably shouldn’t admit online that I’ve never really been a big fan of social networking sites.  Frankly, I feel that they all get so cluttered with distractions that they lose their value pretty quickly.  I have had accounts on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others but rarely check them out – I guess mostly because I feel that I don’t have the time to cut through the chaff to get to the wheat.

Then I met Twitter


I was pretty convinced that Twitter was another waste of time and just another way for the self-obsessed to say “hey look at me”.  Then I tried it and decided it has some good uses after all.  Initially, I got it setup so that a friend on a road trip could post her progress to all of our friends without having to find someplace to send an e-mail from.  Then I just started randomly posting what I was up to as a sort of online journal to myself.  And eventually, a couple weeks ago, I tied the tweets into my Facebook accounts and this blog.  While I was in New Orleans on a family emergency last week I found out that at least one friend keeps track of me via Facebook – an account I rarely check but now update by default when posting a tweet.

Of course, one side affect of having an identifiable account and of having it post to so many places is that I need to watch what I say.  At one point I accidentally did a public reply that was none too polite and certainly not the type of copy you may want to have a potential employer or account come across…