I’m Now Using a Windows 7 PCoIP Virtual Machine

Super cool.  Finally got my virtual desktop hardware setup with the VM server. We have converted nearly all of our servers to a virtual environment already and are prepping to setup 200 virtual desktops.  I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous about it but so far the experience is great.

I have a 24″ Samsung nc240 connected to our VMWare host via PCoIP.  The machine is wonderfully fast (faster than my new Mac Mini with 4 GB of RAM) and, so far, very stable.


It is, however, not bug free.  I just tried to setup my Microsoft wireless mouse this morning and the VM refused to see it.  Maybe we can fix that but it was a disappointed.  The iPhone and nearly all other peripherals have connected without a problem.  The one glaring issue that concerns me is a lack of support for Webcams.  We actually do a decent amount of Polycom and Skype calls here and USB Web cams are as of yet not possible. VMWare says there’s a fix coming down the road first quarter of next year.

The reason we made this move is that most of the desktop computers we have are ancient and should be recycled.  Rather than continuing down the road of supporting 200 different pieces of hardware with disk failures, RAM issues, etc… we wanted to centralize the maintenance and save time and money.  The initial outlay isn’t cheap but should have paid for itself by year 4 of the project.

Cool stuff for sure. Let’s hope the real users love it as much as I do.