Law and Technology: No Longer Optional Partners

In November I had an opportunity to co-author a piece on the impact of technology on the practice of law. Shaun Jamison, my partner in crime, is Professor of Law & Associate Dean of Information Services at Concord Law School.  Concord is the first all online law program in the country and is part of Kaplan University.

In this new and fast-paced service economy, consumers of all stripes expect more for less. They also demand better and more effective service, but at a predictable price…

This includes legal consumers, from the individual private client to the largest global company. Clients expect to pay for the value of what they receive rather than how long it took the lawyers to do it. So how can law firms meet the demands of clients? Embracing technology is key. However, for a profession that is so steeped in tradition, this isn’t always easy. This should change, especially given the following five major trends surrounding the law and technology:

The article, “Law and Technology – No Longer Optional Partners” is embedded in CIO Review’s online magazine.  Here’s a direct link to a PDF of our article.