Microsoft ThinMan Concepts | Application Flow & User Profiles

POP worked closely with the developing markets team at Microsoft to do concepting for Microsoft discovery and user testing sessions in Asia. Microsoft’s ThinMan project is a “getting started” concept aimed at helping new computer users become comfortable using Microsoft products. The work done by POP included crafting simple personas and user experience flows in order to help Microsoft craft their local user testing.

Download ThinMan Personas & User Flow (PDF 278KB)

Lyric Opera of Chicago | Pre-Discovery & Pitch

Lyric Opera of Chicago is one of the premier opera houses in the United States. This was not well reflected in their site at the time of this project. POP met in Chicago with key stakeholders to run 2 days of discovery meetings and create a project proposal. In preparation for this discovery POP worked with Lyric to collect survey data from current Lyric supporters as well as analyze site metrics. The below documents are samples of how POP communicated what was learned from these exercises.

Seattle International Film Festival | Web Redesign

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is the largest film festival in the United States. POP has a long history of working with SIFF, as well as other film festivals around the country. These film festivals typically run all event and venue management via a proprietary application developed by POP. SIFF’s primary goals included creating a branded experience that represented the festival’s world class status, offering a richer multi-media experience, and creating an effective market channel for the SIFF Cinema experience which runs 365 days a year.

Melbourne Theatre Company | Web Redesign

The Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) came to POP for a complete overhaul of their existing Web site. The existing site was managed via HTML editing, lacked any kind of dynamic content and failed to reflect the richness of the theater and MTC’s new building. The theater company’s primary goals included increasing online ticket sales, creating a compelling site to encourage return visits, and improving Web site management by implementing a CMS. This site launched in September 2008.