iPhone Sales Hype

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone.  I seriously can’t believe how much I use it for e-mail and Web browsing every single day – its completely changed my usage habits toward my “real” computer.  I find myself contemplating how it will impact my work as an IA or UX “something” nearly every day.

However,  no matter how great the sales volume is for Apple, I marvel at Steve Jobs’ ability to generate excitement around what are relatively minimal numbers. Sure, in comparison to how many laptops Apple could sell in a weekend, a million iPhones is incredible.  But just to put it into perspective compare it to Nokia’s sales stats for the year:  Apple, 4 million iPhones last year; Nokia 110 million N93i model phones sold last year with a grand total of 440 million phones sold last year all together! 

Reduce Bounce Rates: Fight for the Second Click

I read this article from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox a few weeks back but it was brought to my attention again today.  What was most interesting to me about it this time around was that I had just had a conversation with a client about the relative importance of their homepage versus the content pages deeper in the site.  In this case, the homepage is really just a landing page to drive the user further into the site to either donate money, get involved, or buy a ticket to an event.  Many of the visitors to this site won’t even see the homepage as they come through opt-in direct mail they receive.  Of course, the homepage is important but it isn’t the most important nor will it create the strongest impression of all pages within the site.