SmartBook 2.0 – Personalized and Adaptive Learning

For nearly two years I’ve been working on the next generation of adaptive learning at McGraw-Hill Education.  What does that mean? It means reading and assessment that is different for each learner as they show their understanding of the Learning Objectives for each assignment. What I am most excited about is that this is the first native mobile fully accessible app for our learner – inclusivity is what it is all about.

SmartBook 2.0 tracks student progress and provides reports that allow instructors to identify exactly where and when students are struggling. It helps instructors easily identify students who may be at risk of failing and spend time helping them with the concepts and topics they need to learn to succeed.

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Law and Technology: No Longer Optional Partners

In November I had an opportunity to co-author a piece on the impact of technology on the practice of law. Shaun Jamison, my partner in crime, is Professor of Law & Associate Dean of Information Services at Concord Law School.  Concord is the first all online law program in the country and is part of Kaplan University.

In this new and fast-paced service economy, consumers of all stripes expect more for less. They also demand better and more effective service, but at a predictable price…

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TJSL Cisco Case Study Highlights Technology Leadership

Cisco did a nice case study on TJSL and the technology and process behind our new building.  The study highlights not only the Cisco product line but our partner, TekWorks, as well.

TJSL’s vision included an eight-story, 305,000 square-foot downtown campus with access to resources indoors, outdoors, and throughout the city. The law school wanted to create a “hotel experience” for its community where the technology was customized to each student’s needs…

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Virtualized Desktops Deliver Mobile Learning – Baseline Magazine

Recently, Brian Graham, Randy Kryzston and I got to work with Baseline Magazine to put together an article about how and why TJSL went about using VMware and Teradici to virtualize 99% of the dekstops on campus.

In early 2010, the opportunity to radically change the computing model presented itself when TJSL began constructing a new facility to house its faculty, staff and 1,000 students.

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Who Says Its Not Easy Being Green?

Ten months ago we finally moved into a brand new building here at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  This is a building that had been in planning and construction for years.  A building that by design and in practice was to set a tone for a commitment to environmental responsibility. This commitment can be seen from the Gold LEED status of the construction project to the reduction printer waste to the banning of space heaters in offices.

And the big solar array on our roof. (more on that after the link…)

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Humans: The Weakest Link in Computer Security

Ain’t that the truth.  Watching various hacker/cracker/mayhem groups posting large amounts of personal data over the last few months it is interesting to note how we humans are at fault.  The number of passwords released as a result of the data collected during these “hacks” continues to demonstrate that most people fail to follow any kind of strong password policy either personally or at work.

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I Was Honored With The San Diego Magazine / COX Tech Exec Award 2011

In May of 2011 I was honored with a much unexpected award from San Diego Magazine and COX Business.  Each year COX honors innovative technology executives and directors in the San Diego area.  In 2011 I was selected for the Exemplary Award as a result of the great work we did turning Thomas Jefferson School of Law into the most high tech law school in the country.

San Diego Magazine Tech Banner

Attached is short story on the event.

It was a terrific honor and a wonderful event.  I look forward to going as a guest in the future!