Amazon Windowshop

OK, its always cool when someone wants to try and “push the envelope” by coming up with some new way to navigate information.  Unfortunately, this one just seems to not make much sense to me.  Windowshop‘s call to action is for you to “Lose yourself in Amazon bestsellers and find what you’ve been missing.”  Unfortunately, the experience is a little random and the motion is a bit much, makes me a bit queasy.  Additionally, I don’t like having to move up, down, left, right to see whatever content is being offered to me.  It manages to make my 24″ monitor feel small… a pretty big feat! On the positive side, a graphical view into what’s new does expose me to items I would otherwise have had no interest in or knowledge of.

Amazon Windowshop Beta

First draft beta: cool.  I hope they keep up the creativity and come up with a different spin on it.